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A case of mistaken identity

Jacob Israel has an interesting essay “WE WHO KNEW NO SINUntil we created it of course“.

“ADAM (mankind) Adam was born WITHOUT the knowledge of sin, he ONLY knew sin after he ate OF THAT TREE. We ONLY know sin once we start believing all the rights and wrongs, and this and thats, and what everyone says we must do and become, and what everyone says we are”- Jacob Israel

I agree with the gist of his essay, which confirms what I have learnt recently, that sin is just a manmade construct in religion. It doesn’t exist outside of religion, in reality. My understanding for now is that the law is also manmade; that’s why it’s called the law of Moses, not the law of God. Apart from the law, there is no imputation of sin. So everyone should just forget about any law imposed upon oneself, and live life freely and lightly, and see everything as a learning opportunity and not feel condemned by anything, as Jacob Israel pointed out in his essay.

If people hurt others (and we all have done that at one time or other), it is not because we are “bad” or “sinful”. It is because we have forgotten who we really are; it is a case of mistaken identity. When we awaken to the truth of our true identity as Love, Beautiful and Precious, we will love and accept ourselves, and others too. Love is the fulfilment of the law, for “love does no harm to a neighbour”.

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2 comments on “A case of mistaken identity

  1. truthinhim
    December 28, 2011

    In this precious Gospel there is no place for offence, when some still act out of ignorance forgiveness is an automatic response, no thinking of maybe when they start showing remorse, no immediately forget and forgiven!

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