Thoughts on the movie "Inception"

The show was about 2 and half hours long. I enjoyed the movie – am glad I got to watch it during National Day in Singapore. 🙂 Since I had read some reviews about Inception on the internet before that the storyline was quite complicated, I told myself at the beginning of the movie to just relax and enjoy the journey and not try to figure out or think too much about the movie plots. That way I enjoyed watching the movie more than if I were to allow myself to be too absorbed in the movie story and trying to understand everything – after all, movies are part of virtual reality. hehe


Talking about dreams vs reality, the movie does a commendable job piecing the various subplots together into a cohesive and coherent whole – though I don’t think I understand the entire story and that’s part of the fun of watching movies that make one think and guess the eventual outcomes – some aspects of the movie are best left to one’s own interpretation and imagination, I am glad it has a happy ending. I couldn’t make out the accent of their speeches most of the time, and I relied on reading the chinese subtitles and watching the actions to follow the story.


In summary, I think it’s about the lead actor (Leonard DiCaprio) who cooperated with a few people to enter the dream world of their target person (the son of a rich businessman) to protect him from wicked people who were trying to steal his inheritance, and once they all entered into the dream world, they carried out their elaborate plan, which involves entering into another dream world again, and then once more yet another dream world. So on the surface, it does look complicated, but the director and producer managed to present the simultaneous events happening in these three different dream worlds in a coherent manner all the way till the end. 🙂 The acting is superb and believable, and the special effects and action scenes are cool, and the pace varies between slow and fast moments, striking a fine balance. 🙂


Leonardo did an excellent job in his role, and there are glimpses of his former roles in Titanic and Blood Diamond, where he also played the hero who at times had to come to terms with matters of the heart even as he carried out his mission to ensure success. When I left the cinema, I felt like entering into another world too… hehe I guess consciousness has a part to play in creating our own reality – after two and a half hours of being connected in a way to another world (in spite it being a movie), the real world out there seems not so real at first upon stepping back into it.


I guess in the same way, divine Bible study is like that – whenever we hear a sermon or read a book about Jesus and behold His glory revealed in the old testament and new testament, it’s like stepping into another dimension, and we see the way God works in and through people and events, through the types and shadows manifested in the substance who is Jesus Christ, and when we emerge from being inundated with His presence, we can’t help but see the world through unveiled eyes, warmed heart and transformed mind, having beheld His glory and grace. 🙂

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