Grace Awakening – Andre Oosthuizen

Here’s sharing an inspiring message from Andre Oosthuizen, who is a preacher of the gospel of grace. 🙂

“There is a ‘Grace Awakening’ spreading like a unstoppable ‘veld fire’ across the world today.

Seemingly driven by the ‘breath’ of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel of Grace and Peace is jumping over the ‘fire brands’ of Judgmental Legalism and the walls of Fundamentalism and igniting people everywhere! Rekindling their ‘First Love’ and reviving the faith of multitudes of souls… believers who once became wearied by nonsensical notions of an ‘angry God, discouraged by ‘fear motivation’ and overburdened by ‘works-based’ religion and disillusioned by unsustainable ‘faith’ formulas.

Brave men and women of God are daring to rise up and question some of the traditional positions held within the Church, and matters that they have been taught and so readily believed.

Many who consider it their basic right to examine the scriptures for themselves, have opened their Bibles and their minds and begin digging for the Key of Knowledge.

The treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge in the Mysteries of Christ are being unveiled and many are now discovering Spiritual Reality in the place of stale religious dogma!

Those who are not easily frightened and with the fortitude to face vilification are readily questioning the interpretation and traditions of men regarding the width, breadth, height and depth of the Love of God and the scope of the Gospel as revealed in Jesus Christ!”

Andre Oosthuizen

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