What’s New: “LOOK! The Finished Work of Jesus Christ” – Mick Mooney

An exciting new kindle book called “Look! The finished work of Jesus” by Mick Mooney has recently been published, and is made available in Amazon.com since 17 August 2010.

What's New: "LOOK! The Finished Work of Jesus Christ" - Mick Mooney

Title: Look! The finished work of Jesus (Kindle Edition)

Author: Mick Mooney

Genre: Christianity/Gospel

Here’s the foreword written by a great gospel preacher and author Steve McVey:

Many books have been written about Jesus Christ that inspire us to want to know him more intimately. While that’s an admirable goal for an author, the book you are about to read does something greater. Look! The finished work of Jesus doesn’t just cause the reader to hunger to know him more; it fills that very hunger by presenting Jesus in such a way that you actually sense his loving embrace as you read the book.

As I read this book, I found myself delighting again and again in some of the things Mick Mooney has written here. While this book will certainly teach you, it does more than that; it will touch you with a personal awareness of divine agape being expressed to you even as you read. More than once I felt as if my Father’s arms were holding me close while his voice whispered of his love to me through these chapters.

Religion complicates and confuses people by its demands and harsh scrutiny of our behaviour. The grace of God stands in stark contrast to religion by assuring us that because of the finished work of Jesus, we are not only in good standing with God but are actually cherished by him. Grace frees us from trying to prove anything to him, to others or even to ourselves. Mick has a firm grasp on that reality and writes in a way that causes others to understand it too.

The religious climate of the world today promotes the idea that we need to do certain things to earn God’s blessings and to make spiritual progress. This is a book that is counter-cultural to the world of legalism. It points us to Jesus Christ and causes us to see and really believe that what he has done on our behalf is indeed sufficient and that there is nothing left for us to do other than live out of the reality of his finished work.

I predict that Look! The finished work of Jesus is going to be used by our Father to set many people free from the prison of religious performance and usher them into the rest that only comes by living in his grace.

Steve McVey

Author, Grace Walk: What You’ve Always Wanted in the Christian Life


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