Lessons from the Parable of the Lost Son


What lessons can we draw from the parable of the lost son that Jesus narrated in Luke 15:11-32? Watch this 3D animation video and be amazed by God’s unconditional love. He is our loving Father who doesn’t want us to be sin-conscious but be conscious of our right standing with Him. He has made us in His glorious image and He has redeemed and restored us to rightful sonship through Jesus’ finished work at the cross. May we all come to appreciate what He has done to make each of us a masterpiece, born with a promising destiny and seeds of greatness within us.

Here’s a good message by Pastor Andrew Magrath of Hope City Church, Melbourne, Australia, about our original identity in Christ, as revealed in the parable of the lost son.

Click on “Two son’s and a Dad PT3 – Sunday, September 05, 2010 10:26 AM” to download the m3 sermon from this website http://www.hopecity.net.au/podcast/podcast.xml or click here to listen to the message directly.

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