The LOGOS – Darkness to Light and from Ignorance to Understanding

The Word of God is not the Bible, but Jesus who is God manifested in human flesh. When we know Jesus for who He is, we will understand the true nature of God, who is so much more than the traditions that try to define Him. He is love personified, and His ways are ways of grace and mercy.

Listen to this life-changing message by Apostle George Maitland about the Word of God here.

What is Grace and Truth?

It is our Lord Christ Jesus, aka the Word of God, aka The Will of God, aka God Creative Original, aka The Eonian Father, aka The King of Glory.

Amen, He is our Eonian Father – the everlasting Father – Eternity is a Person. We all are/have been tormented (tested and purified – basanizo in Greek) in the Everlasting Father, and consumed by His everlasting love and passion. 🙂

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