What is the Good News? (Session 1) – Bruce Wauchope

Video commentary:

What is the Gospel? – Bruce Wauchope, in association with Perichoresis and Transformation Media, presents a seminar discussing how theology, philosophy, spirituality and history has influenced the church’s views on God and the good news He brings.
In Session 1, there is a deconstruction of “the western ‘dodgy’ gospel”, while Session 2 puts forward a hebraic-centred, scriptural, life-giving good news message.

Please note a few things:

Bruce Wauchope grew up Australian; and therefore the delivery of his points are very direct. He’s not out to insult you; he’s simply bringing clarity to some doctrines. If there’s something that hits you hard, wait a few moments and he’ll clarify what he means. You don’t have to agree with him; his job is simply to be clear, and you can wrestle with it yourself. This seminar was taught in Toronto, Canada; so the talk at the beginning regarding North American natives being pushed out by the western world, was inspired by the paintings that were on the wall in that building. The information presented may be very different from what you’ve learned growing up – all I ask is that you carefully consider it.


Part 1 of 7



Part 2 of 7



Part 3 of 7
Part 4 of 7
Part 5 of 7
Part 6 of 7
Part 7 of 7
You can listen to Session 2 of “What is the Good News?” by Bruce Wauchope here.

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