Thoughts For Life – Francois du Toit (November 1)


God is not the product of man′s best guess; He is bigger than religion′s biggest blunder or eloquence in their attempts to define Him. He is beyond extinction or threat and can never be reduced to either our clever or clumsy expression of philosophy or art.

Our faith is not the fruit of our own invention or imagination, but the reflection of His initiative revealed in the person of Christ. God interrupted human history when for the first time since Adam, the brilliance of His image and likeness appeared again without flaw or distraction in the form of flesh, the exact expression of His character and Being. Heb.1:3, Col.1:15,16

“It is in Him that God gives a full and complete expression of Himself, in a human body; your own completeness is only realized in Him.″ Col.2:9,10. Phillips.

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