Grace And Peace Conference 2010 (Malaysia)


Hosted by Praise Sanctuary Church

G.A.P main Conference 2010

Date: 27th November 2010, Saturday

Time: 5pm-8.30pm

* Dinner is provided

Be refreshed and healed by the Grace of God this November @ The G.A.P Conference 2010, Malaysia

Below is a tremendous testimony of how the grace of God has liberated Victor King from legalism and religion, and is transforming his life from glory to glory. Praise Jesus. 🙂


Quotable quotes by Victor King

“Hardcore sins??? It took an Hardcore God to come down to this hardcore world to die a hardcore death for your hardcore sins. He wants to help u out of it…Receive His Grace….a hardcore Grace is available for U. Grace 2 You.”

“S.I.N?? – See It Nailed. See your sins nailed at the Cross of Christ. Don’t be conscious of your sins, be conscious of Christ dying for those sins. You are not the rightful opponent to sin, Jesus is, because He died for it. Be Christ full and not sin full. You will be SIN FULL if always U think that U are SINFUL and y…ou end up being a SIN FOOL. Sin shall NOT master you for you are under the Grace of Christ. Selah.”

“The 5 C’s of Ministry – “a CALLING has to CARRY a CHARACTER that CENTERS the purpose of CHRIST and not ours.”

(Post updated on 12 Nov 2010)

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