Observations About Those Who Believe In A Literal 'Hell'

“It is rapidly becoming my opinion that most people who claim to believe in a literal ‘Hell’ for all ‘unbelievers’ are actually being intellectually dishonest with themselves!

Their very lifestyle, behavior, ministries and bank cheque books belie that fact, especially those of us in the West with our ‘ivory tower’ sense of Christian superiority and exclusivism.

If people really believed in ‘hell’, they would not be sitting on Facebook engaging already saved believers in debates about ‘hell’, and defending their doctrinal position about ‘Hell’!

If they had any heart or compassion, they will be busy day and night on the highways and byways of life rescuing the billions of unbelievers heading for ‘hell’…..according to them!

They would leave no stone unturned to rescue every single member of the human race from the worst fate imaginable…being ultimately rejected and consigned to torture by God Himself. Especially considering, that according to the popularly misinterpreted parable of Jesus about Lazarus and the rich man, those in ‘heaven’ (misapplying Abraham’s bosom) can hear the screaming and see torment of those in the flames of  ‘hell’ (gehenna misinterpreted)!

According to this popular erroneous teaching, based on a misapplication of the sayings of Jesus, Mothers and Fathers will be eternally consigned to standing by and looking on helplessly as their ‘unsaved children’ fry in ‘hell’.

Likewise, children will have have to listen to their ‘unsaved parents’ anguish 24/7 as they are being tormented for ‘not believing the Gospel’!

According to this conception, both those in ‘heaven’ (misapplying Abraham’s bosom) and in ‘hell’ (gehenna misinterpreted) have a really bad deal!”

– Andre Oosthuizen

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