Some Thoughts About The Emergent Church Movement


I like what Rob Bell says about his idea of the ’emergent church movement’ — that it’s not so much a label but it’s about what unites us, what it means to be the people of Jesus here and now in this day and age; it’s about grace. 🙂

I also believe that the emergent church has always been around, not only in this so-called post-modern age, but also in the days of Jesus when He was walking on the earth 2,000 years ago.

The “emergent church” EMERGED from the side of Jesus when He was crucified – the Bible said that blood and water flowed out of His side when a spear was pierced into His side – a picture of the church, His glorious bride, one presented as holy and blameless and without spot in God’s eyes, not based on what we have done but based on what Christ has done.

May we all see ourselves AND one another as Jesus’ beautiful bride – WE all are the emergent church – there is no “us” versus “them” dichotomy because in this day and age, we are the hands and feet of Jesus ministering grace and peace to everyone – this is an EMERGENCY for the EMERGENT CHURCH – to liberate people from the bondage of religion, legalism, fear and condemnation, from the evil lies of Satan telling us that we are separated from God, from the erroneous doctrine of eternal hellfire and torture which religion used to control the masses for the longest time.

Now is the time that we should arise and shine, and EMERGE from our obscurity once again, and tell the world that God loves everyone and He has saved us from ignorance and included us in the great dance and warm fellowship with Him the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 🙂

Now is the time we declare to everyone our true identity – that we should no longer see one another according to the flesh or worldly viewpoints – but as new creations in Christ, as beloved sons and daughters of the Most High God, regardless of our background, race and belief system. :)

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