God is All in All

1 Corinthians 15:28 states “Now when all things are subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.”

Has God become all in all or will this only happen one day in future? Barry J DuPont offers some insights into this matter.

“Eschatology is the study of end times or last days.
It is my view that the major problem with studying this subject is looking out the window.
The reason why that is a problem is that we believe what we see.
The reason why we believe what we see is because we believe that how we behave makes or defines truth. We believe that, because we think that it is actually possible to be separate from God and be separate from his love. We actually think that we can be independent.

So this effects every school of eschatological thought.
Just look out the window!
Is everyone praising God?
Can you not see all the sin?
Do we look like we have Unity?

So every school of eschatology, every version of when and how fulfillment comes and every version of what is “ongoing” and what is not is effected by this “looking out the window”. Whether futurist for full preterist, the window presents the same basic problem.

But biblical eschatology is not studied by looking out the window. It’s studied by what God declares is true by revelation of such in human history. What we see out that window has little to nothing to do with it.
The reason for that is because eschatology deals with the time of childhood to adulthood and that transition.
Childhood had types and figures, anti-types and allegories, shadows and all that stuff. Even Adam was a type or figure.
There were toys we played with in childhood, and even toys that God said that we really would be better of not having like “law” and “kings”.
Then there is the transition from Childhood to Adulthood when God says, “I’m taking away your toys now”.

Studying eschatology by looking out the window is like grabbing for the toys again and not realizing they are really no longer there.
We are not “One” because we stop fighting and arguing and hating. Because we don’t MAKE oneness. Oneness is a truth that is realized and then implemented. The implementation of that truth does not make it true it makes it implemented. The principle that our implementation of Unity makes Unity true is called the old covenant age. And it passed away.
It was the delusion of a childhood identity crisis permitted to run its predetermined course. It’s where types and figures had precedence in the absence of a revelation of love without condition.

The revelation of God’s love without condition did away with the toys. Our realization and continued implementation of the truth is the ongoing perpetual efficacy which is “glory” given to those who overcame that “world” in the transition, which we read about in the New Testament writings.

Love is its own reward. God’s gift to us is himself and each other. And that was the point all along.
Man cannot be separate from God. Man can think he can be and was even permitted to carry that identity, that self, for a time of childhood that God deemed necessary for our growth.
Then Christ came to reveal the Father and free us from our self defined selves.

And God is all in all.

Was it just a delusion? I don’t believe that at all. No, it was our childhood.
The implementation of sectarianism and ethnicity, and trying to wear cloths of our own independent identity was all part of a very real childhood experience. One the prophets knew would end. They also knew that God did not dwell in temples made with hands. They knew that they had figures and types of things yet to come. Which did come as Christ revealed the Father and fulfilled all things.
We took the first step and became like God knowing good and evil. But God knows good and evil as a step toward something more not as a final conclusion. That that is what we could not see once in that knowledge. Now we know something far more. Love without conditions.

It is impossible to have both law and love without condition together. They cannot be mixed. You either have one or the other. Either love has conditions or it does not. Either God’s love has conditions or it does not. Once love without condition is fully revealed then you no longer see in a mirror dimly. Which is fulfilled in those who overcame that world.

Once the revelation of love without condition is made manifest, historically speaking, then there is no law and no sin. It is then, taken away. You cannot have some separated from that love and some not. It either is or it is not. God is either love or he is not. He is either God or he is not. We are either one or we are not.

God took our belief out of the picture and said we are one. Our belief can lead to the implementation of truth, but it cannot establish it.

These are my present view. I’m very much open to discussing them with whoever wishes to examine or look more closely at these ideas and what this all means to us and such.”
– Barry J duPont

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  1. Read a piece by Dupont “The Resurrection of the Body.” Would like to read more along those lines. Would like to contact Barry. Please have him email me at gary at tentmaker dot org thanks.

    1. jimmytst says:

      Hi Gary, thanks for your comment. I have checked that Barry Dupont is in your Facebook friend list. Perhaps it is better for you to contact him directly since it will facilitate better understanding and faster communication?

      Wishing you a pleasant day.


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