God is Obsessed in His Love for Us

God is obsessed in His love for us. Like a song that goes:

Love everlasting
Grace unrelenting
Pursued me from the start and arrested my heart
You’ve overwhelmed me with Your tender mercies
Now everything I am lives to worship You.

No wonder we are obsessed with His love because He is first obsessed with loving us. God is love, and we have known and believed in the love that He cherishes for us. (1 John 4:16-19) 🙂

A grace preacher, Steve McVey, wrote of this testimony in his latest blog entitled “Why Am I Obsessed With One Topic – God’s Love?”:

‘As I’ve grown in my understanding of this God of Love and His eternal intent to wrap His arms around all of humanity, it has transformed me in almost every way possible. It has changed how I see Him. It has changed how I see others. It has changed how I see the purpose of ministry… By the finished work of the cross, our God was reconciling the world to Himself. We are all included in what He did there. The “REALITY” of the cross is, “It is finished.”’

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