What Does the Climate and Weather Patterns Say about Our Collective Consciousness?

Since emotions are a form of energy, our emotions can effect the environment and weather patterns. Emotions are a form of energy, and perhaps an excessive amount of negative energy, such as anger, hate, fear, guilt, etc, contributes to tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, etc.

We control the weather to a certain extent when we send negative energy into the atmosphere. Psalm 82 seems to suggest this idea. I think a pastor mentioned something similar in one of his sermons quite recently, perhaps earlier in the year 2010. He was teaching about the importance of having a “no condemnation” mindset, because when people feel condemned and think negative thoughts about themselves and/or others, they can affect the environment and even cause adverse weather phenomena, like typhoons, around the world. So yea, the gospel is so important because when people align their minds with the good news that God loves them and is not mad at them, they will be at ease and at peace with themselves and with others too, and the environment will also be more peaceful (in terms of being free from natural calamities).

Makes me think that some of the natural disasters like earthquakes in the Old Testament were not caused by God (though they appeared to be) – they were probably caused by negative thoughts or emotions of the children of Israel when they were under the law — they felt condemned and bad things started to happen to them; for example, earthquakes swallowing up some people or the fiery serpents appeared in the desert to bite them (hence God told Moses to put the bronze serpent on a pole for them to look — to see that their guilty conscience (or accuser) has been judged and they should no longer feel condemned or guilty), or the armies of Moab and other nations rising up to attack them. You can read more about how the gospel affects our consciousness here.

Looks like we’re indeed living in a matrix world of sorts. So important then for us all to guard our heart (our mindset or belief system or our thought life) from fear and condemnation because out of it springs forth the issues of life. (Proverbs 4) It’s good for our hearts to be established with grace, as Hebrews 13 also says.

Sin-consciousness, condemnation, guilt… all these negative feelings contribute to our environments.

So, start thinking positive and empowering thoughts.

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