"How to achieve World Peace" by Joshua Chiang

World peace is not that difficult.

You don’t need plans, strategies, weapons… not even Miss Universe pageant contestants.

‘Cos it’s a truly simple action.

You only need one thing.

That is, to be at peace with yourself.

If everyone is at peace with him/herself, there will be no wars. There will be no famines. There will be no environmental destructions.

How? You ask.

A starving man who is at peace with himself is still a starving man.

True. But you forget the rich man.

If the rich man is at peace with himself, he will see that there is no need for more wealth. He already has everything he needs to be at peace. In fact, he will, when all the wanting stops (because wanting is created by a mind not at peace with itself) realize for the first time that he has too much. And his brothers have too little.

And he will give away the things he don’t need to ensure that his brothers and sisters are never hungry again.

This isn’t an idea. It’s the truth.

It’s the ONE TRUTH that cuts across all religions.

A mind at peace is a contented mind. A mind at peace is a compassionate mind. A mind at peace is a loving mind.

A mind at peace will never want to win.

It will not want to fight over ideas, religions, sovereignty and territory.

Wars always start with a want. Hitler wants Germany to be great. Alexander wants to rule the world. Crusaders want to prove their God is bigger than the infidels’.

And so forth.

Hold on a sec, you say. What does this has to do with me?

“I’m not the one who wages war. I’m not the one who builds oil rigs that mess up the environment. I’m not the one who decimate the world’s forests.”

The truth is, you are.

We all are.

Everything is interconnected. Every single want creates a ripple-effect that reverberates over time and space. Simply put, your desire for the next latest gadget is the indirect reason why wars are fought in Africa.

So don’t look to your governments and your NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) and world organisations to bring about world peace.

It all starts with you.

And it all begins with a single question.

“Am I at peace?”

by Joshua Chiang on Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes, there can be no world peace without us first having inner peace. I think inner peace comes by knowing we are one with God and one with one another. We will learn to love and accept ourselves and others.

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