Opening Our Eyes to Our True Identity Satisfies Us With Bread

Yesterday afternoon in the office, I was reading this verse in Proverbs 20:13 “Do not love sleep, lest you come to poverty; open your eyes and you will be satisfied with bread“, and I was thinking to myself, “Oh boy, but I need to take a nap as I was tired”, then I read the verse again, and realise the context is about spiritual awakening, because the preceding verse says “The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both.” so that gave me a new perspective, to see this verse as reminding me not to sleep (spiritually), but to remain awake (spiritually) – to continue to remember who I really am, because when I open my eyes, I will be satisfied with bread – the heavenly bread or the manna – to feed on Christ as my true identity.

Below are excerpts of the Bible, based on the Mirror Translation by Francois du Toit. Enjoy.

Every human life is equally valued and represented in Christ. He gives context and reference to our being as in a mirror; not as an example for us, but of us. The ‘ugly duckling’ saw reflected in the water the truth that freed the swan! Ps 23 says, “He leads me beside still waters, and restores my soul” or, “by the waters of reflection my soul remembers who I am” ~The previous Psalm says, “All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord!” Ps 22:27

Gal 1:15 God’s eternal love dream (eudokeo: His beautiful intention) separated me from my mother’s womb; (my natural lineage and identity) ; His grace became my identity. (Gr. kaleo, to surname, to summon by name)

Gal 1:16 This is the heart of the gospel I proclaim; it began with an unveiling of Christ in me, freeing me to announce Him in mankind. I felt no immediate urgency to compare notes with those who were familiar with Christ from a mere historic point of view. (The Greek text is quite clear, en ethnos, in the nations, or the masses of non Jewish people! Later when Barnabas is sent to investigate the conversion of the Greeks in Acts 11, instead of reporting his findings to the HQ in Jerusalem, he immediately finds Paul, knowing that Paul’s gospel is the revelation of the mystery of Christ in the nations. Col.1:27.

No wonder then that those believers were the first to be called Christians, or Christ-like!  Christ is as much in every man as the seed is already in all soil, even in the desert, waiting for the rain to awaken and ignite its life! Is 55, For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, so shall My word be that proceeds from my mouth…

When Jesus speaks of the sinner He speaks of him as the lost sheep, coin, or son. Lk.15. The inscription and image did not disappear from the coin when it was lost, how can we praise God and with the same mouth curse a man made in His image? James 3:9  Mankind forgot what manner of man he was by design; image and likeness bearer of His Maker; that is exactly what Jesus both revealed and redeemed, in human form; so that we may now behold Him with unveiled faces as in a mirror and be transformed (in our mindsets) into His likeness. Legalistic religion kept the veil in place; the proclaiming of the liberating truth of the Good News, removes the veil!

Francois du Toit

Amen – I like the translation that says “Ps 23 says, “He leads me beside still waters, and restores my soul” or, “by the waters of reflection my soul remembers who I am”. I think this verse brings out the meaning of remembering our true identity – when we remember who we really are, our soul (mind, will and emotions) is restored. Our soul will prosper, and we will also prosper in all things and be in health, even as our soul prospers.

So glad for the revelation of God’s grace. There can be no gospel revolution without a grace revelation.

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