"Why is accepting that Jesus is the Saviour of Mankind so painful for most Christians?" – New Paradigm Thinkers

“Like a PC, our religious minds have been formatted to operate in a certain way. Unlike re-formatting a computer, changing our deeply engrained beliefs does not come easily. It often means having to give up valuable and precious ‘stored data’ that we really don’t want to lose! Our contemporary Christian mindset has thus been traditionally shaped by a theology of ‘sin and salvation’ and the option of ‘heaven and hell’. Our Theology about the ‘Trinity and Humanity’ found its point of departure in the study of Anthropology, with the demise of man into sin, and not in Eternity, in the eternal council of the Trinity.”

New Paradigm Thinkers

Yes, it’s a paradigm shift for people to see salvation from God’s point of view rather than from the carnal mind’s point of view. The natural mind thinks in terms of good and evil (eg God is good whereas man is evil), while the spiritual mind thinks in terms of relationships (eg God sees us one with Him, sharing the same divine resurrection life, enjoying peace and no condemnation).

(Click here to read the whole article.)

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