Thoughts For Life – Francois du Toit (23 January)

(Extracts from Francois’ book ‘God Believes in You′)

The mystery is within us and in all that lives, even in the bodies of the small fishes in the sea-pools, the mystery of the being of God. There is no creature that breathes but the breathing is the rhythm of his love, no flower that glows with any other light but His, no voice that speaks in kindness but the cadence of the compassion is his own. Elizabeth Goudge.

Bring me a coin, whose inscription and image does it bear? Return to Caesar what belongs to him and return to God what belongs to him.” Even in his lost state, mankind remains the property of God, Luke 15, Ps.24:1. The thief has no ownership rights; he is only the father of lies.

Jesus is God′s great invitation to the human race: “Return to your Father; be embraced by your Maker!″

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