[Good News Video] Rocking the Boat of Christianity – Debunking the Myth of Hell

Video commentary

To know the fullness of the love of God, it behoves us to find out what God’s salvation is all about, and re-examine the traditional doctrines of hell, “rapture” and second coming of Christ, which are built on fear and condemnation. Knowing the truth of the gospel will set us free from fear and ignorance of God’s love and of our true identity in Christ. When we see through the illusion of separation and know we are all one with God, we will live in peace and harmony with one another, and we will also reign in life through Jesus Christ.

The bottomline

God is love. He created us to be loved, and out of His love can we love ourselves and love other people. Salvation is not about going to heaven; salvation is about being made whole in your spirit, soul and body. When we believe the gospel, we will enjoy the benefits of salvation. The foundation of all our teachings is that God is love. Perfect love casts out fear.

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