[Video Testimony] How Church Destroyed my Faith but Jesus Found Me: A Tale of Coming to Universal Reconciliation

Video commentary:

This video represents my personal journey to being a christian universalist. Beginning with faith in Jesus, the “church” rapidly killed my faith, as everywhere I saw contradictions. Yet, despite this I never lost faith in Jesus. I felt as though I ought to, as reason and experience seemed to show me that christianity could not be true. I could not shake off Jesus like I had religion; he was under my skin! So I really had lost who I was; I was trying not to believe in God, yet this was breaking me. Then I found, through much searching, the message of universal reconciliation found throughout scripture. Yes, it really is there! It turned my despair upside down, as I realised just how great our Father’s love for us was. This is what I believe is the true gospel message. The joy and peace you receive on believing this is incomparable. He is the saviour of the world! Praise Him! The night I had this realisation this song was playing. It just seemed to sum up how I had been feeling.

For a greater understanding of christian universalism – we are not the same as unitarians – visit www.tentmaker.org


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