[Video] Good News According to Rob Bell

NOOMA 15 – You – Rob Bell (Legendado) from Marcelo Mioto on Vimeo.

“The brokenness I see in the world around me is true of my own soul, and so he’s rescuing me, moment by moment, day by day, because God wants to put it all back together—you, me, the whole world. And so he starts deep inside each of us with our awareness that we need help, that we need saving, that we need rescuing. And then he begins to show us step by step what it looks like to put flesh and blood on this gospel. Because we all fall short, and that’s the beautiful part. Broken, flawed, vulnerable people like you and me are invited to be the hands and feet of a Jesus who loves us exactly as we are and yet loves us way too much to let us stay that way.

I believe. I believe because I see. I see the resurrection all around me. If people only had your life and they were asked the question, “Has Jesus risen from the dead?,” how would they answer? Has he? May you be a “yes” to the question, “Has Jesus risen from the dead?” And may you come to see, may you understand, that you are the good news. You are the gospel.”

– Rob Bell

I like Rob Bell’s video about the gospel or the good news – that the disciples in the first century saw Jesus’ resurrection as the beginning of this universe-wide movement to put it all back together. To them, the restoration is not about leaving the earth, but about creating a new world that is different from the religious or political world system. The new world is not about ruling like the Roman empire did; it’s about serving. And the early church demonstrated that by sharing possession and burdens with one another – it’s a new way of life. This love movement is the kingdom of God on earth. So I believe Jesus came to save us from the law system (or self) so that we can have a part to play in the grace system (or community).

I think Rob Bell’s interpretation of the gospel is food for thought. I think it would remind people to become people of love, compassion and grace, to declare to the world that the good news is that God hasn’t given up on the world, and we can participate in healing the hurting and reaching out to the needy. We are the body of Christ, His hands and feet, to restore one another from ashes to beauty.

“I see the resurrection all around me.” This sounds like something Carlton Pearson would say – because to him, resurrection is forgetting who we are not, and remembering who we really are. We are one with God, and we are one with one another. That to me is good news too. 🙂

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