Predictions of a Future Judgment Day Are Nothing More Than a Fear Mongering, Religious Hoax


A number of evangelical christians have mistaken Jesus’ words about the “last days” and “judgment day” – the judgment day was for the nation of Israel in AD70. It heralded the end of the old covenant age, and the establishment of the new covenant age in which we are living today.

In a discussion forum, someone wrote:

“End times” is not correct nor is “End of the world”. Some Bibles have the correct translation: “End of the age”.

There is no actual proof that judgment day is on 21 May 2011. I think it’s a figment of imagination that is borne out of sin-consciousness and self-righteousness of the people who believe in this religious, fear-inducing lie. They are only projecting their own insecurity and fear and the judgmental attitude onto God, and in doing so, they have created God in their own image.

You know what, we will all see 21 May 2011 come to pass, and we will then look back and shake our heads at yet another foolish prediction that falls flat on the ground, as have many other baseless predictions of “judgment day” in the past.

The biblical “judgment day” is actually about the destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem by the Roman army in AD70. The old covenant age of law has passed away. The new covenant age has been in place ever since AD70. The earth will not end because the kingdom of God is already here in the hearts of every human being.

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Video commentary:

Throughout our history, religious leaders and organizations have claimed that their holy books provide accurate prophecies about the End Of The World. The examples shown in this video are (relatively) fringe organizations, but despite their overt activism and cult-like behavior, organizations like provide a glimpse into what the more mainstream religions adhere to and believe.

Pastors, priests, apologists, ministers, religious philosophers and leaders of every kind, from every generation, have quoted from the books of Daniel and Revelation about the End of Days. Are their claims any less ridiculous? And should they be held any less accountable?

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