[Video message] “Why Christians Don’t Exist” by George Elerick

Video commentary:

The always leftist, eternally controversial George Elerick talks about removing the idea of being a Christian.

I agree with what George Elerick said at the beginning of the video – that Paul taught that Christ embodies everybody – “there is neither Jew nor Greek; slave nor free; male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). Yes, in God’s eyes, there is no christian vs non-christian in today’s world – because the whole world is in Christ already (ever since the new covenant of grace began in 70AD, and God’s Spirit was poured out on all flesh). All of us are the living church, His body, whether we call ourselves christians, muslims, jews, hindus, etc. God is in us, around us, as us, as Carlton Pearson would say. So yea, christians don’t exist (as a separate entity or as an exclusive group of people) – because we all are beloved sons and daughters of God, and Christ (or the Divine One) is in us, in every person, the hope of glory.


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