Remembering Chernobyl: Should We Split the Atoms to Get Nuclear Energy? Would It Be Similar to a Split Identity Since Both Release Negative Energy?

I have been reading up on the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and its aftermath, and how many common people suffered from exposure to radiation, due to insufficient warnings from the relevant authorities about the dangers of radiation from the exploded nuclear power plant. I too felt their hurt and anger, and grieved with the families over the loss of their loved ones. It was kinda distressing reading such reports, and I discovered that a small ulcer had developed on my tongue recently due to emotional stress and work fatigue.

I learnt that splitting atoms can release huge amounts of heat energy, as well as radioactive materials as by-products, which are harmful to health and the environment. They also have long half-lifes, so they will remain for a long time in the environment for hundreds of years.

If that is so, do you think people should split atoms? Is that a violation of nature because atoms are supposed to be whole?

Splitting an atom apart is like splitting the universe apart because the atom is like a replica of the universe.

On another level, I think a split atom is like a person with a split personality (or split identity). Both release negative energy, which can be harmful to oneself and others.

To me, I think splitting atoms is perhaps like trying to clone humans or creating a Jurassic Park, with the knowledge that the consequences can be tragic or disastrous if things go awfully wrong.

Just like the raptors and T-Rex in a Jurassic Park may be harmless as long as they are confined within safe boundaries but become extremely dangerous when released from their captivity, the nuclear power plants producing radioactive materials and extreme heat can also become extremely dangerous and hazardous to health and the environment if things go wrong, whether due to human error, natural disasters, terrorism or sabotage.

THOUGHTS FOR LIFE January 7 (Extracts from the book, ‘God Believes in You′ by Francois du Toit)

Fundamentally, all matter in the universe is made up of tiny separate particles called atoms. The nucleus of the atom is basically a tiny sound wave, electrically charged, and vibrating spontaneously and continuously. A million times a million atoms make too small a lump to see, but with powerful microscopes we probe into this near-invisible world to unveil its secrets. We discover fascinating reflections of distance, energy and movement that mirror outer space. On scale, the distance between a whirling electron and the nucleus it revolves around within the atom, is further than the distance between the earth and the sun. (220 million kilometres!) Just when we hope to finally calculate the electron, it too breaks down into energy vibrations that blink in and out of our view millions of times per second.

Creation declares his handiwork! We are his workmanship! Jer.1:5, Ps 139:16, Eph 2:10.

I also find the Nobel laureate and scientist Max Planck’s findings interesting, such as “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds the most minuscule solar system of the atom, together…  This mind is the matrix of all matter.” It makes me think how the atom is a reflection of the solar system, as the protons, neutrons and the vast space surrounding them resembles the vast space surrounding the stars and planets in the universe.

Just as the atom can be seen as a reflection of the universe, and we are also the universe, the atom might be a picture of ourselves – our bodies are made of atoms. My take on this is that scientists should never split an atom in order to obtain nuclear energy or to cause an atomic explosion, because when an atom is split, great amount of heat and radioactive energy are released, which are harmful to living organisms, like plants, animals and human beings.

Similarly, a split atom is like a person with split identity – someone who is under an illusion of separation, who does not accept one’s dark and light sides. So just as a split atom released negative energy that harms people, a person with split identity tends to release negative energy which can harm oneself and others too, when the shadow self manifests unexpectedly, due to prolonged repression and rejection of one’s self.

Someone said:

“The greatest sin to humanity is we think it is a sin to be human.

The greatest problem facing humanity isn’t war, sickness, racism, hate, sin, or even death, the greatest problem facing humanity is we have a problem being human.”

I think this describes the root of the war, hatred, etc that we see in the world today – it’s because humans have problems being humans, thinking there is something wrong with themselves, that “it is a sin to be human”, causing them to reject or hate themselves, which in turn causes them to hate or reject others. It began with having a split self, not feeling or experiencing wholeness. As mentioned earlier, it’s like what happens to a split atom – it releases huge amounts of heat and radioactivity – similarly, humanity that is at war with oneself is like a split atom – they release negative energy which harms oneself and others.

Hopefully, people will realise that not only it is important for people to accept and love and embrace their whole self to experience inner peace, they will also learn that nuclear energy or nuclear bombs is not the solution – they should consider other alternatives like solar or wind energy, and other options to make peace with other countries, such as finding peace in themselves and their own country first.

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