[Video message] A Response to Carlton Pearson’s Message "To Hell and Back"

Video commentary:

It’s funny how we all think our interpretation of the bible is the right one.

“When I transfer my knowledge, I educate

When I transfer my beliefs, I indoctrinate.”

I agree with the person in the video saying that the bottomline is that we are all looking at life from different vantage points. This is a very good point he made, addressing to christians: “We’re from different cultures, different backgrounds, … different schools of thought, etc, do I have to call you demonic because you embrace doctrines which I think are pagan… and I see things differently? … Bottomline: No one has a monopoly on truth. Your life is subjective, limited by your own experiences… The Bible is sacred to you, but not to an Indian, not to an African, not to [others]…”

He has a number of good points based on sound logic and calm rationality. It’s a refreshing change from the kind of heated and emotional debates that is common among universalists and evangelicals – to have someone who appeals to people to think and study for themselves, and not subscribe blindly to some spiritual leaders’ teachings, no matter how well-known or reputable they may be in the eyes of the world.

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