[Video excerpt] "The Violence of Christianity" by Peter Rollins

Video commentary:

“This is a clip from my talk at Poets, Prophets and Preachers with Rob Bell and Shane Hipps. Here I talk about the true violence of Christianity.” – Peter Rollins

I’ve been thinking and reflecting on Peter Rollins’ book excerpts as well as his inspiring message excerpt about the ‘violence of Christianity’. I think in life, there would tend to be a period of despair about the way things are going, such as christianity going downhill, and then someone comes along to challenge the system and self-serving traditions of those who profit from the system at others’ expense. In a bigger picture, I would see that the challenge is to continually reinvent oneself and one’s belief system to stay relevant, and mainstream christianity hasn’t been successful at doing that, because after each reformation or revolution, many people become stagnant and settle for the status quo once they benefit from the new or revamped or improved system. So spirituality is about constant rejuvenating, not stagnating, not settling for status quo.

The common denominator that Peter Rollins spoke about in his examples of Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King’s challenge against the system of caste, colonialism and racism is that there is an element of discrimination against those who are not seen as part of the system – this is an age old yet contemporary problems – this battle against the principalities and powers of the world system is a fresh challenge for every generation since ancient times.

So one revolution would sooner or later beget another revolution, whenever there is new emergences of inequality and injustice, and this is where the emergent church comes in – to address and tackle problems caused by emergent pharisees of today.

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