Isaiah 5:20 What is "Good" and "Evil" from the Perspective of the Gospel of Grace?


“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil…” (Isaiah 5:20).

I think that, from the perspective of the gospel of grace, the above verse means something that is different from how the religious mindset would interpret because religious people would use this verse to knock people on the head. I believe, to God, what is good is His creation is complete and perfect. He made everything and called it good.

But woe are the religious folks who call what is good evil by adding their works to become something, for example, to become more holy and righteous. Works done out of religion or self-righteous is evil in God’s eyes. God described the children of Israel as having “an evil heart of unbelief” because they didn’t believe they were already whole and victorious, and they could not enter His rest.

Rest is finished work. When we rest in what God has done, God calls that good. “Evil” is when people become religious and condemn others or themselves when they think they fail to be holy or pious. There is no rest for the wicked or the self-righteous hypocrites.

Jesus said,” Come to me, all you are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Religious people may call it evil, but woe are those who call good evil. Jesus wants us to rest in knowing that we are already blameless and complete because we are all made in His image. As He is, so are we in this world.

Similarly, Jesus also praised Mary for doing the one thing needful by sitting at His feet and listening to His words. He said that she has chosen the good part. She was not into religious works, unlike Martha who was worried and troubled about many things because she probably had become self-righteous in thinking that her performance could earn her favour with God. Therefore, I believe that the good part is about resting and hearing the word of Christ about His finished work, God’s love, and our true identity in Him.

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