[Video] Positive Confessions of Love, Light and Joy

Here’s something relaxing and empowering.

I am filled with LOVE
I deserve love and accept it now
I give LOVE easily and accept it easily
My heart is open

I am powerful and strong
I am centered and calm
When I inhale, I breathe in the beauty around me

I am creative and competent
Joy fills my every cell
I am relaxed
I am healthy and strong

I can understand a situation without being emotionally involved
LOVE and LIGHT fill me
I deserve Happiness and accept it now

I think the music and lyrics help one to meditate on whatever that is good, and noble, and true, and praiseworthy – about life, about ourselves. Like what the lyrics say, we are LOVE, and we are filled with love, and we are creative and competent. Whatever we do shall prosper and succeed.

The following passage from Reginald Martin’s blog on “We are Magical Beings” also resounded in me:

“The truth is we have the power to construct our world as we wish. The world that we manifest starts in our mind first. U Create All. You are all powerful in this world.

That is not just some positive thinking mumbo jumbo. We are empowered with the creativity of God. He created the universe and all in it. We create our world and all in it. He has endowed us with the same power as he in this realm. Because we are connected and are a part of him we have his power. The power of the source! We are Gods!

Psalm 82:6 says, “… You are gods; you are all sons of the Most High.”

Amen, we are gods and goddesses. We have the power to create light and love. We shall see good today and every day because we are empowered with the creativity of God.

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