Spiritual Food for Thought: Faith

It is said that faith is having a good opinion of God. I realise that to have a good opinion of God is to also have a good opinion of ourselves and one another – blessed, precious, kind-hearted – because we are also God. All of us have a kind heart, just that we are not always aware of the kindness that is already present in us. Some of us may limit God’s kindness, for example, because they have not realised the extent of kindness they possess within them. As a result, they may project the kind of God in their mental image whose love is limited to only those who worship or acknowledge Him.

I think the more we are aware of our true identity as being one with God and made in His image of Love, through meditation and contemplation, the more we will be able to flow with His love. We will be so filled with His blessings, that we can’t help but overflow with His unconditional and inclusive love, and be a channel of blessings to others. I believe this is how God restores the knowledge of His love to every human being on earth – that is, through each one of us.

Someone said that to serve God is to serve humanity because God is in everyone. I totally agree with that.

Someone also noted that when Jesus said “To visit those in prison is to visit Me”, it was because He recognises His image and likeness, even in the murderer and rapist and thief.

I think that’s true – it’s mind-boggling as our old religious mindsets cannot see Jesus’ image in everyone, especially even in the murderer, rapist and thief. Reminds me of the lake of fire, which I believe is about the “second death” of the old identity – we will no longer see ourselves and one another in the flesh based on what we do (whether fearful, unbelieving, murderer, thief, rapist, etc which are part of the Adamic identity), but we will see ourselves and one another in Christ, regardless of our performance. Nothing good we do or nothing bad we do can ever change our true identity in Christ. This is awakening. This is enlightenment. Christ in us is the hope of glory. In Him, we live and move and have our being. Yes, there are no christians in God’s reality – only beloved sons and daughters of God. Be still, and know we are God. Jesus said we are gods (and goddesses).

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