The Mirror of the Word

The awakening of the spirit of our understanding through the preaching of the gospel, is not something we do in order to ‘get saved’ it’s something that happens to us when we realize what Jesus has done for us!

The ‘must do’s’ and ‘must become’s have all been replaced by a Masterfully done deal through one brilliant move of God  No more window-shopping, just gazing into the mirror with unveiled faces

Rom 1:17 explains Rom 10:17, the “from faith to faith” only happens in the revelation of what God did right to put us right (totally superior to what Adam did wrong) He is the source of faith; impossible for us to manufacture valid faith outside of the revelation of Grace

While were on the verse 17’s now Rom 4:17 suddenly makes sense! God called things (mankind’s salvation) which were not as though they were!”

– Francois du Toit

Yes, preaching the gospel is like putting God’s mirror in front of people to show them who they really are. And when people awaken and realise they are made in God’s image, it is as though they finally recognise their true selves by looking into the divine mirror. It’s not as if the people suddenly transform into new creatures, which many evangelical preachers tend to imply in their presentation of the gospel. No, the trouble with most evangelistic preaching is that they have been placing a faulty mirror in front of people, so people couldn’t really see clearly who they really are, and still seeing spots, wrinkles and blemishes not only in themselves but also in others. Or they may think only they have changed into new creatures while others have not, which gives rise to an “us” vs “them” mentality.

But the mirror of God’s grace would show that everyone is already beautiful, perfect and free from spot, wrinkle or any such thing. No work is required, and whether one believes this good news or not doesn’t change the fact that God sees us all as His beloved and blameless children.

I have also been reflecting on the statement “God called things (mankind’s salvation) which were not as though they were!” as I think it brings a new angle to Romans 4:17 in that God was trying to teach Abraham that just as he would become a father of many, God Himself would be known as “Father of multitudes” through the preaching of the gospel in time to come, revealing God as our Father of all humankind.

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