The Spiritual Nature of Laughter

“My own understanding is that there is nothing more valuable than laughter. Laughter brings you closest to prayer. In fact only laughter is left in you when you are total. In everything else you remain partial, even in lovemaking you remain partial. But when you have a really heartfelt belly laugh, all the parts of your being — the physiological, the psychological, the spiritual — they all vibrate in one single tune, they all vibrate in harmony. Hence, laughter relaxes. And relaxation is spiritual. Laughter brings you to the earth, brings you down from your stupid ideas of being holier-than-thou. Laughter brings you to reality as it is. The world is a play of God, a cosmic joke. And unless you understand it as a cosmic joke you will never be able to understand the ultimate mystery. I am all for jokes, I am all for laughter.”


It is relaxing and enlightening to read the anointed words of wisdom of Osho in his article that reveals life as a cosmic joke. It is true that when we realise we have everything inside us and we are kings and queens, nothing can hold us down for long for our inner joy will resurface like a buoy floating on water. I agree relaxation is spiritual and laughter produces spontaneous relaxation and brings about a vibrational harmony to our entire being. I suppose such liberating humour and mirth comes by revelation, like what Osho said, when we are enlightened, we can’t help but giggle and laugh, not at people but at life itself seeing it as a play intended by God, a cosmic joke. “All the world’s a stage” Shakespeare wrote.

I also like Osho’s insight on Jesus’ crucifixion for I too believe Jesus is enlightened and did not take the whole thing too seriously. On the night before He was arrested, He appeared joyful and even told His disciples that His joy would be full in them, and exhorted them to take heart for He has overcome the world. Though He later sweated drops of blood at the garden while praying as any human would knowing what lay ahead, He was strengthened with hope and joy to face the crucifixion stoically.

Hebrews 12:2 “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of faith who for the joy set before Him endured the cross despising its shame and sat down at the right hand of God” Knowing He is already a victorious king gave him the joy and strength to rise above the schemes of man and follies of religion and politics, overcoming them with grace and dignity. Not even death could defeat Him, for He is and has always been I Am. Life and death on the physical plane is but an illusion, a part of the cosmic joke. “The joy of the Lord is our strength” We are in Him and His joy is our joy.

The Laughter of Spiritual Awakening

I also thought what Osho wrote here is interesting as I heard of the phrase ‘laughing buddha’ which is quite common among the people who are familiar with buddhism over here in Asia.

6: All buddhas have laughed when they awaken. Their laughter is like a lion’s roar. They laugh, not at you, they laugh at the whole cosmic joke. They lived in a dream, in a sleep, intoxicated completely by desire, and through desire they looked at the existence. Then it was not the real existence, they projected their own sleep on it.


I just googled about laughing buddha and came across an illuminating illustration of how we all can laugh when we awaken to the whole ridiculousness of the whole system in which we live – we are in the world (of illusion and religion) but we are not of the world – we can rise up above it.

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