Occupy Christianity with Unconditional Love

I think we need to decry the injustice done to countless people in the name of christianity, specifically the legalistic and fear-mongering sermons and teachings that emphasise on sin-consciousness and sin management, hell and damnation doctrines, and guilt-tripping messages about not being spiritual enough, not having a heart to serve the Lord, trying to get people to come to “church” when “church” is not a building but people, trying to get people to tithe when tithing is fulfilled in Christ already, having an “us” versus “them” mentality, discriminating between the so-called “saved” and “unsaved”, dismissing perceived non-christians to a fate of a so-called literal “hell” in the afterlife, demonising other belief systems and schools of thought as being “of the devil”, anticipating a literal “second coming of Christ” to bring the “saved” to a literal heaven and destroy the physical world and the “unsaved” in it, portraying a sadistic, mean and judgmental god who allegedly created a literal lake of fire to burn and torture “unsaved people” for trillions and trillions of years with no mercy with literal worms crawling around in a literal fire – Does all that sound like bedtime stories for children? If a parent won’t think of telling these horror stories to their children, why are we hearing them in the christian circles that misrepresent God to everyone as a schizophrenic monster who is far worse than any Hitler or Stalin or Osama bin Laden?

Let’s occupy Christianity and let the whole world know that our heavenly Father’s name has been maligned and Christianity has been deterring people from truly wanting to know God who is Unconditional Love.

Dr. Marlene Winell speaks about indoctrination by authoritarian religion

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