The rising of love consciousness

I came across an interesting website yesterday about spiritual awakening of humankind that is happening around the world.

“The next religion will be the religion of awakening to the Infinite possibility of success with Consciousness. We can learn to embrace conscious awareness so that all in this world can live together in peace and true prosperity, instead of only a few.”

I suppose the word “religion” in the website is probably not very appropriate, as I see “consciousness” more as a school of thought or development in human psychology or awareness. Nevertheless, I suppose in the modern society, more and more people realise the value and importance of awakening and meditation as a way to stay connected to our true self, in view of the occasional seeming commotion in the outside world, knowing intuitively we are divine, beloved and beautiful. Yes, the silent sound of God’s love (love consciousness or the perfect love that casts out fear) drowns the tumult of the chaotic world as we stay tuned to Love’s frequency of peace.

“The biggest gift that you can offer to the Universe is your peaceful mind and happy state of Conscious Being.”

Source: OM Times Magazine (

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