Mystery revealed and inner peace

We all have access to our inner spirit. I believe Jesus was referring to the esoteric knowledge of divine mysteries to be revealed to us when He said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.” When we are still and know we are God, we can receive wisdom and understanding through intuition as we commune with our highest self.

Perhaps organised religion has made it sound complicated when they tell people to fast, “repent from sins”, go to church and this and that, when actually none of this is necessary. We all can listen to the still, small voice of our inner spirit guiding us into all truth. We know truth when we see it or feel it because truth always sets us free from fear, anxiety and condemnation.

While we can read and learn from others’ experiences in communing with God or their highest self, we know our own experience in communing with God is unique as we follow our heart wherever the bliss is. The common denominator of our revelation of the mystery revealed would be inner peace experienced in our heart.

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