“Can you really imagine a God of love….” (A poem by Robert Rutherford)

Can you really imagine a God of love….
Sitting in heaven, relaxing above…..
And, deciding, one day….. to make up a place….
Void of His love and His mercy and grace?!?
Can you really believe it?!?! That, Our best friend…..
Could make up a torture that never would end…
Only a Father who’d gone insane……
Could punish His children in endless pain!!!
Religionists carefully formed a dark plan…
In order to scare and control every man…
A story, quite gory..to keep us in line….
I guess they forgot..we can still use our mind!
We cannot be fooled by their demonic spirit…
Our father is speaking..and, YES! We can hear it!
He’s pouring out His revelation of LOVE…..
Where nothing below….. and nothing above…..
Could ever, no NEVER, not once separate us….
His Nature is LOVE… there’s no way He could hate us…
Or banish us…. torture or cook us forever….
His LOVE and his mercy won’t fail us… NOT EVER!!!



Here’s another poem, inspired by Robert’s poem above.

Mary, Mary quite the contrary,
Your son is really quite lovely.
Mary, Mary did you know
Your baby boy is not a troll?
When you kiss your little baby,
You’ve kissed the face of Daddy.
‘Yes, I know,” says Mother Mary.
“He is our true identity.”

“Wait a minute,” says the Pharisee
Whose face is all too sad to see.
“Hell hath no fury like god scorned,
Sinners must be burned and begone!”
But little does the Pharisee know
He’s projecting his own vengeful soul.

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