“Sin” is an outdated religious terminology

The word “sin” is an outdated religious terminology. It doesn’t apply to us today. It is only a concept in the Jewish religion, which put them in bondage because they mistakenly thought “sin” separated them from their god. According to their theology, they thought they had to perform sacrifices or keep the commandments in order to remove this thing called “sin” so that they can get right with their god. In a sense, Jesus came to deconstruct the religious mindset of the Jews. Yes, Jesus mentioned “sin” but He was merely speaking their language/lingo to help them change their mindset and come to the understanding that they don’t need to do anything – whether making sacrifices or keeping the commandments – in order to get right with their god. Jesus even showed them their concept of god is inherently flawed – he is not an angry, vengeful, judgmental, vindictive and schizophrenic god/Yahweh of the old testament. The true God is Father of All whose love is unconditional, inclusive, universal and unending.

The concept of sin came to an end officially in AD70 when the Jewish old covenant of law was made obsolete, signified by the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem by the Roman army. Since we are now living in the new covenant of grace, we are not under law but under grace. Where there is no law, there is no imputation of sin; therefore, sin is not imputed to us. Sin is no longer an issue – not for the Jews nor the Gentiles – for all have been One body in Christ. It behooves us to see the gospel in the light of the kingdom of God that is within everyone – we are all brothers and sisters, and we are perfect and innocent. This is our true identity.

We choose to forget who we were (our false identity in Adam), so that we can remember who we are (our true identity in Christ) in this life for a higher purpose.

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  1. What I’m wondering is what you tell people that aren’t under the grace of Christ? We have to choose to be in His canopy of grace, and most people in this world do not choose Him. Wouldn’t you say that they have sin? Wouldn’t you say that all of us still sin? Jesus also wasn’t the only one who used the term “sin.” Paul uses is in Romans, and we see it throughout the New Testament as well. If what you’re saying is true, then “law” and “Messiah” and “Lord” are all “outdated religious terminology” as well.

  2. truthinhim says:

    So few people know this but many are woken as we speak. Thank you Father for your Light in us!

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