Carlton Pearson: Response To Whitney Houston’s Transition

Video commentary:

Divinity Bridging Humanity

I have listened to Carlton Pearson’s illuminating message about Whitney Houston’s transition – he has shared some foods for thought, and I’m still meditating on them. I can agree that she is with God now, on the next level of consciousness, as he put it – “in my Father’s house are many mansions/rooms/levels of consciousness”. The question he posed for us is to ask ourselves why we are here and to meditate on this question to find the answer for ourselves. My answer for now is I’m here to manifest the love of God/highest self/Universe.

I’m also aware there are a number of speculations about Whitney’s struggles with prescription drug abuse/overdose, and Carlton’s perspective sounds quite logical – perhaps she knew she has a wonderful gift from God in singing but she might have been listening to the wrong voices in her mind that make her feel less than her divine self, so to speak, hence the dependence on alcohol and drugs. One of her famous songs is “The greatest love of all” which is about loving oneself – perhaps this is one area she wanted to learn to do so, but maybe the pop industry and peer pressure made it hard for celebrities like herself to come to terms with their own powerful gifts and talents.

So much for speculations – I guess the most important thing is that Whitney has made the transition, as Carlton put it, and is in a better place, so to speak, and the rest of us can continue to meditate on how we can bridge our divinity with our humanity, and rest in the knowledge that we are Beloved and Perfect and Complete.

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