Will the Real Gospel Please Stand Up? | Joshua Tongol

Video commentary:

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What is the real Gospel?

Sadly, the Gospel today is no longer GOOD NEWS. In many ways, the “good news” being preached today is really BAD NEWS. Many ministers today are preaching an angry, violent, and judgmental God where GOOD NEWS has lost it’s meaning.

The gospel of grace has turned into a gospel of performance. The God of peace has turned into a God of violence and hatred. And the God of unconditional love has turned into a God of “I love you IF…”

This sermon will create a huge paradigm shift for many people. Some will get upset, while others will be liberated.

Please listen to the entire message (6 parts) in order to get the full context of what Joshua is saying.

Here are the things that will be covered in the message:

-What is not the Gospel
-A challenge to penal substitutionary theory
-What (or Who) is the Gospel?
-Who is born again?
-Why did Jesus come and die?
-Jesus is greater than Adam
-“Receiving” Christ
-Saved by whose faith?
-Biblical repentance
-Why preach the Gospel?

I think it is good that Joshua Tongol is challenging the penal substitutionary theory which he found to have misrepresented God as an angry and judgmental judge – and I salute him for openly sharing his journey of understanding the gospel of grace and questioning some of the teachings that are prevalent in mainstream christianity, including the typical “grace” teachings.

I agree with him about the need for people to listen and interpret the Scripture with their heart, which bears witness with what they intuitively know about the unconditional love of God, and dare to challenge any other interpretation that presents God as otherwise.

Those who no longer subscribe to the penal substitutionary theory would also naturally question the doctrine of “hell”, and Joshua Tongol addressed that as well in Part 2 of the message. I agree with him that the idea of “hell” as “eternal separation”  doesn’t hold water since “He (God/Jesus) holds all things together” and nothing and no one can exist apart from God. “In Him we live and move and have our being”, as the verse goes. Indeed, God is never separate from us, and the idea of separation is only a mental projection of people who had a fallen mindset (that is based on the illusion of separation). Hence, Jesus came to renew people’s mind to see that God is not separate from us but is always one with us, and God is also not a mean and vengeful judge, but rather is a loving Father. As Jesus said to His disciples, He who has seen Him (Jesus) has seen the Father.

I can also agree with the idea of Jesus’ co-identification with all of humanity in His death, resurrection and ascension.

In Part 4 of his message, I agree with his observation that many self-professed “atheists” and so-called “backslidden christians” are not really atheists or backslidden; rather, they were disillusioned with the “western god” that was portrayed as being angry and judgmental, which does not resonate in their heart about the true loving God they have always intuitively known to be – the infinite source of Unconditional Love.

Overall, Joshua Tongol’s message is good and quite comprehensive, covering a number of grounds and demolishing old (and I would say, faulty) mindsets about God and the gospel, such as John 3:16 isn’t about being saved from “hell” but about having eternal life (abundant life or quality of life) in the here and now, and we are saved by His faith, not our faith. He has done his research well, having listened to some of the other grace preachers (as shown in his video tags) such as Steve McVey ,who also recently debunked the myth of Jesus being abandoned by the Father on the cross (for example, Psalm 22:24 shows that the Father didn’t abandon Jesus), and shared the trinitarian view of the cross.

I think he must have spent the past year or two studying and meditating on the gospel of grace from various perspectives, such as universalist perspectives, and this message is a culmination of what he has learnt along the journey. Kudos to him for having a heart for the freedom of people to share the gospel openly, knowing that some will not like what he has shared, but nevertheless for the sake of people’s freedom, he chose to do so. I agree with his closing statements that we share the good news not to tell people to become, but to declare what is already true – that we all are already included in the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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  1. PG says:

    i love his teachings, however, how do we answer to all the questions about punishment and lake of fire etc? Is there still some punishment ot correcting fo unbelievers?

    1. jimmytst says:

      Thanks for your comment. I have been wondering about the same questions as you, and have been doing some research on these. I suppose time and space may not suffice here for me to give a satisfactory answer and I am still learning myself – perhaps one question we can ask ourselves is how do we interpret the scriptures that is in line with the gospel of grace and peace, the loving nature of God that casts out fear and keeps no records of wrongs, the audience relevance, the time reference and context, and the symbolic nature of the Jewish apocalyptic language?

      1. PG says:

        I highly recommend tentmaker.org. Great resources and links that provide decisive evidence that Hell was a pagan myth inserted into the teachings by the later churches! He believes that all are EVENTUALLY saved, and that God cleanses those who were not believers in a corrective purification process. This accounts for those scriptures that are commonly and incorrectly interpreted to denote a hell. Johsua however is teaching that all are saved and no further cleansing is necessary. However, I dont know how he then is addressing and interpreting those same scriptures.
        Its always good to find others walking down the same spiritual paths!

  2. jimmytst says:

    Thanks for recommending tentmaker.org. I have found it as a useful reference in my research too. I happened to have made a reference to a video by Gary Amirault from Tentmaker Ministries in one of my blogs as a related post. https://themysteryofchrist.wordpress.com/2010/12/26/what-is-the-second-death-that-the-bible-is-referring-to/

    Yes, it’s always good to find others walking down the same spiritual paths, even though we may not necessarily agree with one another on everything.

    Peace and blessings.

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