[Video message] Religion Exposed – Whose God Is It Anyway?

We have seen how religions have been exposed for what they are, like what Kemetprince (Ralph Smart) shared in the video below, that they are essentially there to control people and keep them immature, not encouraging them to think for themselves. And as he put it, the major religions, like the Abrahamic religions, tend to externalise reality, telling people to look forward to an “external saviour/messiah”, when the truth all along is that we are what we are seeking for – we are co-creators. We are the Divinity we seek, like what this quote says:

“Meditate on the divinity within yourself. Drink the nectar of love that continually pours from the heart of God.” Lalla H

It is good to be free therefore from religions. Being free is our birthright, as Kemetprince would say.

Video commentary:

Sharing views on how religion has been used as a tool to separate human beings on the planet and created more wars than anything else.

How is religion different from spirituality?

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