Is God a Person

This part of the blog particularly resonates with me:

“God cannot be localized here or there any more (Luke 17:20), but as
the old catechism said “God is everywhere”. This is a major and
important maturing in one’s relationship with God, yet so few
spiritual guides know how to lead us across when we think we are
losing our initial faith. You indeed are! But you are finding a much
deeper faith, and you must go through this necessary trial and
darkness to grow up spiritually and experience true and full intimacy
with God”.

This part helps me realise that maturity of faith can be seen as a progression from the faith in God as a person outside of ourselves to knowing God as being one with us. From believing to knowing. “That we may know the length, depth, height and width of the love of Christ that passes knowledge”.

In the process of maturity of faith, there may be a crisis of faith, such as realising Jesus is not gonna come back one day to sweep us off the feet and bring us up in paradise, upon learning that He is already here with us all the while, and we are the Christ manifesting his kingdom on earth. Like what someone observed in a comment, Jesus needed to die so that he may manifest himself in everyone in his resurrection, so to speak, and so the disciples’ old way of relating to God needed to die as well, so that they could relate to God in a new way, not by the five senses, but by their intuitive sense.

So I see the whole bible as an esoteric journey of each person – progressing from thinking God is separate and longing to be accepted by God to awakening to the truth of our oneness with God and knowing we are accepted in the Beloved or our highest Self who is Unconditional Love. I think the divine mystery and paradox is God is in us and yet also God is us. Some people may question this, such as why there is the problem of evil and if someone kills, does it mean God is the one doing it? My answer is that when people do harm to another, it is because they do not know what they are doing since they do not know or have forgotten who they really are. Hence Jesus prayed for the pharisees to be forgiven because they did not know what they were doing. Hence, we see the relevance of the gospel of grace and peace – to help everyone realise our true identity. When people know they are one with God/Love, they will love themselves and love their neighbours as themselves, out of a spontaneous overflow of knowing Unconditional Love because we know that all love is ultimately self-love.

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