Rob Bell – Beginning in the Beginning – Poets/Prophets/Preachers

Video commentary:
Filmed live in 2009, Poets/Prophets/Preachers is a five part film series devoted to reclaiming the ancient, beautiful, provocative, healing, inspired art form known as the sermon. Over the five talks Rob explores the theological, conceptual, practical and personal dimensions involved in giving a talk, sermon, message, or teaching.

Upon listening to the filling and meaty sermon by Rob Bell about the “Beginning in the Beginning”, I find that it mainly affirms the understanding of the gospel of grace and peace that I have at this point in time, such as the resurrection (and salvation) is about here and now, not about a future hope someday, and this resurrection is about empowering people and opening our eyes to see ourselves as new creations since God is reaffirming the goodness of creation and inviting us to participate and appreciate His work in loving and caring for people.

It is also interesting to note the importance of beginning the whole story from Genesis 1 and 2, instead of Genesis 3, because the whole message is about restoration of shalom (wholeness and original perfection) instead of removal of “sin”. The gospel is indeed about what we already are in our original completeness and beauty and innocence, and not about what we must earn and how to evacuate from here because materiality (air, soil, etc) is not fallen – it is about renewal of mind to see the whole world as the church (body of Christ), and the church is not an institution.

Indeed, wherever we are, we are already making a positive difference whenever we help or encourage or bless one another, for our hope is in staying and overcoming in the here and now, and not hoping to get out of there. Heaven and earth is already one – this earth is our home, and we all can make it a better place, regardless of religion or belief system, because we all have a part to play in bringing back peace on earth, our home, our Mother who provides for us.

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