Anthony De Mello – Wake Up!

I have listened to the above message by Anthony de Mello. It is a good reminder of the importance of being free from the drug that the society exercises over us. While I think it is probably part of the human psychology to appreciate it when people show acceptance or approval of us – and we see the same psychological need in animals as well (and perhaps even plants because trees and other plants are discovered to grow more healthily when they are showered with loving words and attention by tree huggers and nature lovers) – there may be a need for a healthy check and balance for people to be free from being overly affected by the society’s responses towards them at the same time.

I think Anthony’s example of Jesus is a great one, because we know that Jesus is not profoundly affected by people’s opinions of Him; thus, He is free from the drugs of the society. No doubt as a human being, he might have felt some form of rejection and loneliness, since He is our archetype with human emotions and feelings, but perhaps Jesus also has learnt to be totally in tune and comfortable with His true Self. As Anthony shared, Jesus said we are in the world (system) but not of the world (system). I’m on a learning journey myself, to be increasingly free from this drug in practical ways, such as when I am expected to give a presentation as part of my project to other people in my workplace. I can remind myself to be established in my true identity as Beloved and Complete, and not worry about making mistakes or not being able to perform according to the audience’s expectations all the time.

I also like what Anthony shared about enjoying Nature and being accustomed to aloneness (solitude), which is different from loneliness. Being alone in Nature is a great blessing from my experience, as it brings back my sense to belonging to my true Self.

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  1. Great post today. I really enjoyed your photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. A great wee clip. Anthony was definitely the real thing!



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