How do you define “a personal relationship with God”?

“A relational faith, by its very definition, is inherently social. As the epistle of John so powerfully says, “if we say we love God, but do not love our brother, then we are deceiving ourselves.” We simply cannot say we love God if we do not love those around us.”

Derek Flood

I have come to see having a relationship with God as having a relationship with myself and with others, since I am one with God, and one with others, and God is one with us. I think mainstream christianity tends to have the idea of having a relationship with God as something that is exclusive, or private, according to the article. As a result, people who subscribe to this  mindset may have the mistaken idea that only christians have an exclusive relationship with God and others don’t have a relationship with God if they are atheists or buddhists or muslims, etc. That may explain why some christians can be mean towards others since they see others as separate from themselves. Hence, I think it is important for people to see God in every person.Like what 1 John says, to love our brother (or sister) is to love God.

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