Some thoughts about rightly dividing the word of truth

There is a question in Yahoo Answers asking about rightly dividing the word of truth. The asker quoted a number of verses from various translations of the Bible, though it can be hard for us to make a connection to the verses, except only perhaps himself. It can be unpredictable as to where he is coming from since he doesn’t seem to want to explicitly state his belief about “unbelievers going to hell”, so to speak, perhaps so as not to offend his readers or enter into a debate.

Our observation is that he has one foot standing on the old testament and the other foot standing on the new testament (and I used to be in that place 2 or 3 years ago), and that’s probably why his posts usually sound confusing due to his belief in a mixture of law and grace (or a mixture of the old covenant god based on illusion of separation and the new covenant Father based on unconditional love and oneness).

If we were to give the asker the benefit of the doubt and look on a brighter side, we would say he probably has a gift of making connections of ideas in the scriptures. And we think he would make a good mystic if he could choose to focus on extracting the symbolic meanings of parables and allegories to expound on Grace and Unconditional Love. It is a pity that his current mindset is influenced by the Evangelicals doctrines on sin and judgment, as we have seen how he tried to explain “God is love but God is also holy”, blah blah blah.

As we know, that is the old covenant mindset of the Jews who mistakenly thought God was separate from them and had a distorted image of an angry and judgmental god. Maybe that is part of the reason a number of christians sound confusing and incoherent in their posts in Yahoo Answers as atheists are pointing out from time to time – since he happened to believe in a schizophrenic kind of god and so his posts don’t really make sense in the end. We used to come from that kind of evangelical background so we can roughly understand this is where these guys would be coming from if they don’t question the doctrines or dogma of their own institutional churches.

One Yahoo Answer user recently remarked: “Without reciting scripture, name-calling, labeling people, and beating around the bush, I would say about 95% of Christians here would be left speechless”.

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