Where did religion come from?

Video commentary:

Rob Bell – The Gods Aren’t Angry Tour; Studio: Zondervan

I was enjoying listening to Rob Bell’s educational and entertaining account of where religions came from, and somehow I was inspired to write this rhyming “poem” that flowed from my mind to summarise what I have learnt so far from his message.

The origin of the altar

and the idea of the ritual

of sacrifice the ancients offered

to appease the “anger”

and to earn the “favour”

of the forces of Nature

they depended on for their future

came from their primal fear.

Thus came this superstitious idea

from ancient Mesopotamia.

I think that makes sense of how the idea of sacrifice to the “gods” or “forces” eventually came to be passed down from one generation to another since the ancient civilisation times in Mesopotamia.

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