Coming out of fear-based religion is like coming back to life and back to reality

somebody just message me and said you couldn’t go to Heaven unless you were baptized in water after Praying the sinner’s prayer…
So….I pulled out half my hair.
– Robert Rutherford

Yes, the christian religion can be dumb. As much as I am coming to accept that there is no one true or perfect spiritual path, so to speak, since every one is unique (due to the fact that each of us has a unique spiritual DNA and is responsible for our own spiritual path), I also see that some aspects of christianity – especially the fundamentalist ones – can be dangerous. For example, I heard about a case of someone being told by a pastor that he could “see” a tumour in her body. It is sad that many people who are still in the religious circles are being vulnerable to so-called pastors claiming or presuming to have the “authority” to speak in the name of God. I want to address the issue of this cultic mindset in my blog, so as to spread the awareness of such spiritual abuse that is still going on, despite the fact that many are coming out of organised religion in view of the global spiritual awakening.

Incidentally, I was reading this blog “Taking charge of how we experience¬†life” earlier on a similar subject, and I like what it says here:

I knew that no one had the power to make me feel anything, except for me and my brain. Nothing external to me had the power to take away my peace of heart and mind. That was completely up to me. I may not be in total control of what happens to my life, but I certainly am in charge of how I choose to perceive my experience.”

Yes, those of us who have learnt to meditate and watch our thought life have come to a place where we realise the importance of not allowing ourselves to be affected by what others tell us – especially negative or fear-inducing things – and instead choosing to perceive our own experience and guard our heart and remain in peace and wholeness.

Indeed, coming out of fear-based religion is like coming out of the illusion of fear and separation and coming back to life and back to reality, as the song by Soul II Soul goes.


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  1. Wayne Gillespie says:

    Interesting perspective. I’m going to follow you a bit to see where this goes….

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