The mystery of the universe

It is interesting to see ourselves as cosmos made conscious, seeking to understand ourselves through life. It reminds me of a recent blog “Consciousness, Transformation, and the Soul’s Journey” I read earlier from evolutionary mystic website about consciousness. It also makes me reflect that we humans tend to be curious about what exists beyond the earth in outer space – even the ancients would look up in the sky and attempt to see their connection with the sun, moon and stars. In the Bible, Joseph dreamt of the sun, moon and stars symbolising his future. Maybe we all do have our origin in the ancient stars, both physically and metaphysically.

Maybe the mystery of the universe or cosmos is our mystery. If the whole cosmos were to be a human body, then we humans on earth would be the pineal gland in the brain of the cosmos. Without us, the cosmos would remain unconscious of itself. The cosmos seeks to understand itself through our eyes and minds. Our self-realisation is also the cosmos’ self-realisation. Deepak Chopra once said when we look at a lampstand, the universe is looking at a part of itself through our human eyes.

In the same way, Christ is the pineal gland of our mind. Without Christ, we would all remain unconscious of our true self, so to speak. The mystery of Christ in every person is revealed when we awaken from the illusion of separation and realise we are one with Divine Love, and one with one another, and one with the cosmos.

Through our self-realisation and Christ consciousness of our belovedness and oneness, the cosmos also realises its true identity as unconditional love that never fails. As faithfully as the sun rises every morning, so are the divine mercies new every morning, and great is the faithfulness of the cosmos. The cosmos sustains and supports us unconditionally, and we in turn ascribe meaning to the divine nature of the cosmos even as we attempt to continue to comprehend the mystery of life.

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