Sit, Walk, Stand – A Grace Perspective on Holiness

“The essence of Holiness is pure Love….
Without knowing Love through Grace, we withdraw from God and become blinded by fear and condemnation…
Hence :
“Without holiness no man shall see God”

In plain language…

Through Grace we get to know Love, and knowing this Love that He is, we get to see Him……….Everywhere.” – Colin C

Yes, holiness is all about grace and seeing ourselves through the eyes of love – whole, complete, perfect. To be whole is to be holy, as I have learnt. God is holy because God is whole, not disintegrated or separated from himself or from us. We are whole because we are one with God and not separate, therefore we are holy as God is holy.

Like what the above post says, when we know God as love through grace, we cease to feel fearful and condemned and we will see God everywhere, who is in us, as us, around us. To be holy, to me, is to be set apart from the law mindset and remain in grace mindset. Some think to be holy means they must renounce this and avoid that, but I have come to realise that is the law mindset about do’s and don’ts, which only bring people into bondage of fear and condemnation.

On the contrary, to be holy is to depart from the law and performance mindset of “doing in order to become” and abide in grace and rest in the knowledge that we already are – complete, beloved, blameless. Christ is our holiness, our wholeness and perfection, for as He is, so are we in this world. No one is more or less holy than the other, regardless of their religion or belief system or lack of belief system. We are all equally holy, equally complete.

We are all God’s workmanship created in love, fully equipped to do every good work that has been prepared before the foundation of the world for us to walk in. Our part is simply to rest in who we are, and walk according to who we are. Like what Watchman Nee wrote, first we sit, then we walk. Then we stand and remain steadfast in our true identity that is unchanging.

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