Reflections on “God is not in control, WE are, and by design.”

How is it that God “cares” about my dental appointment going well, or whether or not it rains on your wedding day but NOT care so much about a 22-foot wall of water approaching the coast of Japan at a hundred miles per hour?

let me get this straight… he “cares” enough to delay me from getting on the freeway because of a 20-car pileup that occurs, but DOESN’T care about trainload after trainload of Jews locked in box cars on their way to the ovens? Haven’t you ever wondered how God can “care” about your frustrated social drama with a co-worker and yet at the same time (during that same hour) not be all that concerned about a man suiting up in full combat gear with extra ammo outside of a local movie theater in Colorado? God “cares” whether or not your high school kid graduates, but NOT enough to stop a man from getting on a fully loaded grade school bus with a bomb strapped to his chest?

~ Kenneth Dahl

I think Kenneth Dahl’s blog “God is not in control, WE are, and by design” is thought-provoking and balanced for the most part. It is perhaps more reasonable to see God as us instead of a separate entity watching us from a distance. So, since we are all Co-creators, so to speak, we are in control of our world. I learnt that our thoughts and emotions can have an impact on the environment. So, I think there is a link between people’s consciousness and weather phenomena such as hurricanes and droughts. The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s research, for example, shows that our thought energy and emotional energy can influence the water structure, which in turn can affect people’s health, and the atmosphere at large. (In addition, new age and metaphysics subscribe to the universal law of attraction – we can attract what we think about or believe in, so when we think about our protection, that no evil shall befall us and with long life God or our highest self satisfies us, we increase the likelihood of us experiencing this reality created in our thought life.)

On the other hand, sometimes things appear not within our control as they may not always turn out the way we wanted. So I also think in a sense there is a place for rest, which comes by trusting that the universe (or we can call God) is on our side and works all things together for our good. All in all, perhaps this is a divine paradox – on one hand, we are in control. On the other hand, by staying at peace and trusting the universe to balance itself in our favour, we are in a sense letting go of our control and focusing on enjoying the moment.

As mentioned, perhaps it is more reasonable to see ourselves as Gods/Goddesses instead of someone separate from us watching from a distance. Some things may remain a mystery, such as why some suffer in a tragedy and why some don’t. There may be no adequate explanation that satisfies everyone’s questions. In such times, people may ask whether there is God and if there is God, why doesn’t God do anything about it? My take is that since we are gods (or goddesses), we all can do something to help one another, whether near or far, in our own ways. Each of us is God in action, expressing Love to ourselves and others. Sending peaceful energy through healing thought prayer is one way of expressing love, for example.

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  1. Trānsilīre says:

    Amen! We are co-workers with Christ. Humanity has been giv en this planet to rule it with responsibility. However, I agree; there is a mysterious part of God, despite knowing that I’m part of Him and that He sees me as a god. Who knows, as time lapse and the Christ in humanity unfolds, more mysteries about God will also unfold. A thought provoking note, Jimmy! Thanks a lot.

    1. jimmytst says:

      Thanks for your encouraging comment, Jath. Glad to know the blog resonates with you. Yes, may more mysteries of God continue to unfold as the Christ in humanity unfolds.

  2. L. Rose says:

    If we are all gods and goddesses and Christs in humanity, why didn’t we stop the jews from being exterminated or the crazy guy from mowing down innocents in the theatre?
    God cares deeply and is in the details as well as the major calamities that plague us. But He’s given us free will to make good or bad choices. You can’t say we are gods and goddesses and then not hold us as responsible for things as you hold Him.

    1. jimmytst says:

      Thanks for your comment. It is true we all have free will, hence we are co-creators as gods and goddesses. We cannot stop others from exercising their free will, but we can choose what we want to do. Just as Jesus went about doing good and healing all who are oppressed, so are we in this world with the power to minister grace and healing to one another.

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