The self-aggrandisement in modern christianity

What do we make of people in the Christian circles claiming that they are having a good time dying to self? How about those who publicise their good deeds?

I think they basically love to pat themselves on their shoulders and display their “spiritual attainment” in public. It is contrary to Jesus’ sermon on the mount, in which he taught people not to let their left hand know when their right hand does some good deeds. I have been in the Christian religious circles in which I have seen such displays of performance. Not surprisingly, there were incidences of envy and jealousy among the people when they compared with one another who is “more spiritual”. So, theologically, they may say god loves everyone the same and nothing they do can make god love them more or love them less, but in practice, there is a contradiction in what they believe and what they do, since they are still stuck in the performance rut, and in a sense, they are competing with one another to see who gets more favour from god. So, after all is said and done, it is really good to be out of this religious madness.


Someone also asked this question: “What social improvements have Christians fought for in the last 300 years?”

I think “social conditionings” is probably more appropriate to describe modern christianity, which actually does more harm than good, as the predominant christian mindset is based on the illusion of separation, which only creates division and strife instead of unity and peace.

Even the so-called missionary outreaches are often carried out with an evangelical purpose to convert people to become “christians”. True love has no agenda, and is done for the sake of the betterment of humanity without any conditions attached.

Jesus said to the Pharisees not to trumpet their good deeds in the marketplace, who love to receive greetings and praises from others. Why are christians not heeding Jesus’ sermon on the mount and choosing to display their “good deeds” to the world instead? Could it be a case of self-righteousness and looking down on those who are not considered as part of Christianity, I wonder?

Someone mentioned abolition of slavery, but the same Bible has been used by christians to enforce slavery on others. How is this considered as “social improvements”?

How is Christianity helping people when it imposes a dogmatic view of “christians” versus “non-christians”? Are we not all human beings regardless of our religion or belief system? Isn’t christianity impairing relationships among people instead of repairing when it favours those who are “in”, and discriminates or condemns those who are “out”?

So, instead of talking about “social improvements” that christians have “fought for”, why not address the problem of christians “fighting” against one another and “others” because of differences in doctrines and theology and denominations, labelling each other as heretics just because they disagree on their different viewpoints?

The world will indeed be more peaceful and united if christianity (and any other religious system) is done away, when people help one another purely based on unconditional love, instead of a religious agenda to convert people or to instil fear and condemnation in people’s heart for not subscribing to a particular doctrine or saying the “right” words or pronouncing the “right” name of a particular god or deity.

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